National geospatial data fund

The map of the archaeological sites of the Republic of Moldova

The map of the archaeological sites of the Republic of Moldova was developed by the National Archaeological Agency on the basis of information from the Register of Monuments of the Republic of Moldova, data and studies published in the scientific literature, and the manuscript of the Directory of Archaeological Sites (1993) stored in the Archaeological Archive History of Moldova. At the same time, the mapping was completed thanks to a survey of areas with archaeological potential carried out by specialists from the National Archaeological Agency during 2012-2022, as well as the interpretation of various satellite images and orthophotomaps available on open web platforms.

Spatial data on the location of archaeological sites can be used to fix the object of cultural heritage, its delimitation and protection. Also, the data can be used to develop land use plans and urban planning plans for settlements in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the presented spatial data will provide additional information to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for examining and identifying cases of excavations at archaeological sites by unskilled persons, including those using metal detectors and other means of remote sensing (ancient poachers).
By accessing a polygon corresponding to an archaeological site, you can view information about: the name of the site, the site code corresponding to the entry in the National Archaeological Register, and the chronological classification of the site.